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There is no one single ceremony structure. Some legally required parts of the ceremony need to occur in a certain order, but you have many options for the non-legal aspects.

I am able to provide you with a few different options for Introductions, Readings, Poems, Blessings and Rituals, to help you choose and create your perfect ceremony.

Ceremonies normally take approximately 30 minutes to complete, including the signing of the register and certificates.

Whatever style of wedding you desire, I will help make your day a wonderful, special time, so that you will look back on this day in years to come and truly appreciate that it was indeed a Magical Moment!

The Ceremony must include:

Legal element from the Marriage Act – spoken by the Celebrant.

Marriage commitment – repeated after the celebrant – no need to memorise.

The Ceremony may include:


Up to 2, this will give your ceremony some balance and help set the mood. (may be read by family member or friend or Celebrant)

The Giving Away
Optional. This is generally done by both or one parent or a family member/ close friend.

The Asking
I will ask you, if you take one another as husband and wife. The answer being “I do” or “I will”.

The Ring Exchange

There may be just one ring – for the bride, this is personal and completely your choice.

Declaration and Kiss

Declaration of marriage.

Rituals and Blessings

There are many gorgeous and meaningful rituals and blessings. They can add a layer of richness and meaning to any ceremony. Here are a few to consider –

  • Sand Ceremony
  • Candle Ceremony
  • Butterfly Release
  • Dove Release
  • Ring warming
  • Hand fasting
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Celtic Blessing
  • Buddhist Blessing

These are just a few of the rituals and blessings. Others are available at your request.